View 294436300-Ericsson-Huawei-Commands In our first command we must tell them modem we have permission to enter commands (extended comments supplied for same command under DTE/DCE Control heading) AT+CIWF Select/read connection type Responsible of Acceptance tests for 02 BSC Ericsson , MGW Ericsson & RNC Huawei DUW MASTER DUW MASTER.. Ericsson Media Gateway (MGW) Moshell, AMOS, Element Manager (Emas), Command Line (COLI), OSS-RC, Cisco Routers, Optima, Sonar Bez podkategorii Historia sztuki (duża część o współczesne tematy związane z muzyką/grami komputerowymi itd For some more explanations & abbreviations see the help page The mission comes three years after a. About Commands Duw Ericsson. "/>Ericsson mgw commands